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Professional Goals

1. )     to keep better records of my students achievements, struggles from day to day and evaluate them at the end of the week. As a paraprofessional, I have not really thought about goals until now. I really want the student that I am with  to grow. I like to see weekly improvement. In the special education department small steps are really big steps. I may need to repeat a task many times before task is successfully completed. To see a student learn a new skill is a rewarding part of my job.

2.       Learn how to communicate with parents better. To learn what they expect of me. 

3.      Keep learning more about the children I work with. What will work with children and why it did not work with that child at that time.

4.      keep updated about what is expected of me as a paraprofessional through web sites and information that is available through my school.

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